West County Oasis Bamboo Garden



Height Cane
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Pseudosasa japonica “Arrow Bamboo” R 15′ 0.75″ 0F 3-5
Because of the slender, thin-walled canes with uninflated nodes and long internodes,this bamboo is suitable for making arrows, hence its common name. It is also verysuitable for hedges against wind and salty air. Grows to about 15′ tall in the Bay Area. Italso makes a graceful container specimen with erect canes and weeping foliage.

Pseudosasa japonica ‘Akebono-suji’ R 15′ 0.60″ 0F 3-4
$75   $45
This variety has creamy variegated foliage but is otherwise similar to the Arrow Bamboo.Holds its variegation better than ‘Akebono’

Pseudosasa japonica ‘Tsutsumiana’ R 10′ 0.75″ 0F 3-5
Similar to Arrow Bamboo, but with swollen nodes and lower growing, to about 10’ tall inthe Bay Area. Good against wind and salty air.

Pseudosasa japonica ‘Akebono’ R 18′ 0.80″ 0F 3
$75 $25
Leaves are variegated, sometimes all green, some all white and some green with white stripes.

Pseudosasa japonica ‘Pleioblastoides’ R 18′ 0.75″ 0F 3-4
A great coastal choice because it will tolerate wind, salt and some drought. It has threebranches at each node which develop quickly. Grows to 8’ in the Bay Area.

Pseudosasa owatari R 2′ 0.10″ -5F 3-5
A dwarf species, growing less than 2’ tall. Great for bonsai, or a ground cover that canbe mowed.