West County Oasis Bamboo Garden



Height Cane
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Himalayacalamus asper “Tibetan Princess Bamboo” C 20′ 1.50″ 15F 2-4
$35  $25
$75 $45
Heavily laden with fine, delicate, rich green foliage, the Tibetan Princess grows very upright at first, but as taller canes are produced, they will gracefully dip under the weight of foliage, resulting in a willowy shape. Culms turn cinnamon colored in full sun. In the shade, they remain a fresh green with white rings at the nodes. To 15′ tall locally. A very decorative ornamental.

Himalayacalamus cupreus C 20′ 1.25″ 20F 2-4
$50 $35
$100 $65
An attractive specimen plant, this is a tight clumper similar to H. falconeri Damarapa, but more upright in habit. Sheaths have unique spiraling dark green stripes.

Himalayacalamus falconeri C 30′ 2.00″ 20F 3-4
$35  $20
$60   $45
From the cool, broadleaf forests of the Himalayas, this plant is similar to the Damarapa but the canes are a solid deep green color. The edible shoots are sold in the markets of Katmandu. The flexibility of the canes makes them excellent for weaving. Similar in appearance to the Drepanostachyum, , but the Drepanostachyum has bitter shoots.

Himalayacalamus falconeri “Damarapa” “Candystripe” “Red” C 30′ 2.00″ 20F 3-4
$70 $60
A great accent plant with much color. Canes start out butter toned, tinted in green stripes. More colors are brought out by weather, varying from light gold with green stripes to blushy red with black stripes.

Himalayacalamus hookerianus “Blue Bamboo” “Teague’s Blue” C 20′ 2.00″ 20F 1-3
A good ornamental plant for its many colors; blue, golden, and purple. Grows well in morning sun and afternoon shade.

Himalayacalamus hookerianus ‘Falcatus’ C 15′ 1.00″ 25F 2-5
$60 $45
A seedling from Carpinteria, CA, which flowered in 1996. This species is smaller than regular Blue Bamboo and not as as cold hardy, but has the same dynamic coloration. Only 6-10′ tall, depending on location.

Himalayacalamus porcatus C 20′ 1.25″ 15F 2-4
$45 $30
$70 $45
A great clumper with light green leaves, white culms and striped red shoots. Grows to 12′, dense with culms and foliage. Likes morning sun and afternoon shade.