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Height Cane
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Fargesia adpresa C 18′ 1.30″ 0F 1-3
$40 $15
$45 $35
Similar to F. murieliae with white powdery new shoots and soft green leaves. Grows about 8′ tall and prefers morning sun , afternoon shade. The more sun, the shorter the plant.

Fargesia denudata C 16′ 0.50″ 3F 2-4
$45 $25
$85 $60
Similar to F. murielae, but with smaller foliage. Branches are relatively short, canes have an arching habit. Prefers an environment with cooler nighttime temperatures and protection from the hot afternoon sun.

Fargesia dracocephala C 12′ 0.50″ 0F 2-4
Nice short hedge to 6′ tall. Likes full sun, has light, clear green canes with bright green leaves. Has the classic umbrella shape typical to Fargesia.

Fargesia dracocephala “Gold Stem” C 12′ 0.50″ 0F 2-4
$30 $15
Similar to F. dracocephala except cane is light green-yellow.

Fargesia dracocephala “Rufa” C 15′ 0.50″ -5F 1-3
$40 $35
$80 $65
A major food source for the Giant Panda, this Fargesia is a bit more sun tolerant and shorter than most other Fargesia. Its red-brown canes shoot very early and grow to that classic umbrella shape.

Fargesia murieliae “Umbrella Bamboo” C 15′ 0.50″ -20F 1-3
$60 $45
Named for Muriel, daughter of the famous British plant collector, Ernest Wilson, this Fargesia is also a favorite of the Giant Panda. It is a particularly cold hardy species, excellent for colder climates like the higher elevations of China it comes from but also very successful here in the Bay Area. Called Umbrella Bamboo for the classic shape of upright canes and weeping top laden with foliage.

Fargesia nitida ‘Anceps’ (seedling) C 14′ 0.50″ -20F 1-3
Has the smallest leaves of the Fargesias, only ¼ inch wide and one inch long. Canes are a powdered brownish red.

Fargesia nitida ‘De Belder’ C 12′ 0.50″ -20F 1-3
$65 $45
Similar to F. nitida, but takes more sun. Sun exposure also gives the powdered canes a darker coloring.

Fargesia nitida ‘Eisenach’ (seedling) C 15′ 0.50″ -20F 1-3
$65 $30
Canes have a chocolate tone when exposed to sun or frosted green in more shade. Prefers at least a half day of shade, but is extremely cold hardy. Grows about 10 feet in the Bay Area, with a gentle arching habit.

Fargesia nitida “Fountain Bamboo” (seedling) C 12′ 0.50″ -20F 1-3
$45 $35
$70 $45
Named for the fountain shape created by arching canes heavily loaded with leaves. Canes are burgundy, foliage is small and delicate. Will get to about 12′ in the Bay Area and particularly cold hardy. This bamboo flowered in 2003 and plants available are from seed.

Fargesia nitida ‘Ems River’ (seedling) C 12′ 0.50″ -20F 1-3
$65 $30
$75 $45
This strain of F. nitida likes the shade and water of canyons. In the shade it will be 8′ and require less water. Otherwise expect heights of 15′ with good water. It does not do well in full sun. Culms are dark purple.

Fargesia nitida ‘Jiuzhaigou’ C 12′ 0.50″ -15F 2-4
$75 $35
$120 $75
A newer cultivar to appear in the US, this Fargesia has particularly striking, rich coppery canes when exposed to the sun. Please see the photo on the Gallery page! It is one of our favorites for the showy colors and classic umbrella shape.

Fargesia nitida ‘Nymphenburg’ (seedling) C 12′ 0.50″ -20F 2-4
$65 $45
$100 $65
Similar to Himalayacalamus hookerianus, but with blue-green canes. 12′ tall in Northern CA, with half inch diameter canes. Part shade, but will tolerate full sun.

Fargesia robusta C 16′ 1.00″ -4F 2-4
An upright clumper with nice green vertical stems and white culm sheaths. Dense foliage and cane production. Grows up to 10’ with some cascading at the top. Good for a short screen or isolated clump. Full sun to bright shade.

Fargesia robusta ‘Pingwu’ C 15′ 0.80″ 0F 2-4
$85  $75
Dark green leaves with butter green culms. Botanists claim heights of 15′ in a native environment. Here we have seen 10 feet of fountain-like growth. A slow spreader.

Fargesia sp. ‘Scabrida’ C 12′ 0.50″ -5F 2-5
$45 $35
$75  $65
Steel blue to purple canes will turn light green as they mature or deep burgundy in full sun. Sheaths sometimes have a rusty hue and linger on the plant for a striking effect. Very small leaves are dark green. Upright and sun tolerant. A newer introduction from Sichuan, China. Height is expected to be about 12′.