West County Oasis Bamboo Garden



Height Cane
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Chusquea “Las Vigas” R 8′ 0.50″ 22F 3
$90 $65
Collected by Jesus Mora and fellow collector Gib Cooper while they were in Cerro Gordo, Mexico. This is a heavily weeping plant with delicate leaves that creates a lacey fountain shape. To 15′ tall and cold hardy to 20 degrees. Does best in half day sun.

Chusquea circinata C 20′ 1.00″ 20F 3-5
$175 $150
From Mexico, the branches of this bamboo occur in whorls around the node, leaving thebranches heavy with foliage. The dark canes arch and weep under the heavy foliagecreating a lovely fountain-like appearance.

Chusquea coronalis C 23′ 0.75″ 36F 3-4  $45 $80
Referred to as one of the most beautiful bamboos in cultivation, this plant is highly desirable. Delicate foliage grows in whorls around the canes. Native to warm lowlands and cloud forests of Mexico and Costa Rica, it prefers a moist habitat and moderate sun.

Chusquea culeou “Breviglumis” C 16′ 1.00″ 10F 3-5
$40 $25
$90 $45
Multiple branches will develop at the nodes with heavy masses of dark green foliage giving the plant a graceful weeping look. Can take a wide variety of temperatures; as low as 10 degrees, as high as 100.

Chusquea culeou “Chilean Straight” C 20′ 1.25″ 0F 3-5
$60 $45
$100 $75
A solid stem bamboo, good for a hedge or specimen clump. Hardy and beautiful with dark nodes and light green to yellow canes.

Chusquea culeou “Chilean Weeping” C 20′ 1.00″ 0F 2-5
$60 $45
$100 $65
The bamboo is a native of Chile, grows 25’ here in the Bay Area, with light green canes that have black rings at the nodes. It makes a good stand by itself or as a hedge. It can be easily pruned to any desired height. Gophers do not like this plant!

Chusquea culeou “Scandens” C 20′ 1.25″ 0F 3-5
$60 $45
$100 $70
A sport of C. culeou ’Golden Straight Stem’. Erect canes and thin endings that cascade at the top more than the regular C. culeou. It is very happy in mushy spots. It makes agood artful screening plant.

Chusquea cumingii C 40′ 1.50″ 10F 3-5
$80 $60
Bamboo comes in many forms. This one has long, flexible, trailing canes that will climb and reach 40 feet. It can be grown on a trellis or arbor for romantic canopy. Best if not crowded where the full effect of the plant can be viewed.

Chusquea foliosa C 35′ 1.50″ 25F 3-5
An outstanding ornamental selection with dense clumps of long slender branches and very narrow, long leaves. It needs cooler summer temperatures and moderate winters not below 20 degrees.

Chusquea gigantea C 16′ 1.50″ 0F 3-5
A new form of Chusquea and different from C. culeou “Breviglumis”. Always green, more open and taller with burgundy canes if exposed to full sun. Canes are 1-3/8″ diameter, 25′ tall. This plant has been confused with Chusquea culeou “Breviglumis” which is shorter with many branches. This plant has an delightful airy look.

Chusquea mimosa “Australis” C 15′ 1.00″ 20F 2-5
$100 $45
$175 $75
This is a particularly nice species, very dramatic in appearance with long arching canes laced with fine foliage creating the appearance of a huge fountain. New shoots come up with dark burgundy sheaths eventually falling away to reveal smooth, clean green canes with slightly enlarge nodes. Grows to 15′ tall in its home climate of Brazil. Does best in half-day sun.

Chusquea muelleri C 6′ 0.25″ 22F 2-4
$100 $65
A new plant, brought recently from Mexico. This is a trailing bamboo with long, thin canes heavily decorated with foliage. The branches sway deeply under the weight of the medium green leaves. Best in half day, bright sun.

Chusquea pittieri C 30′ 1.50″ 22F 3-5
$45 $25
$60 $45
A robust plant from steep areas of central America, this plant has an arching habit and grows in dense stands. It has thorn-like protrusions on the lower nodes making it an excellent barrier plant.

Chusquea sp. “Nigricans” C 10′ 0.40″ 0F 3-5
Possibly a dwarf form of C. culeou, it will only get 6 to 10′ tall. Found near bogs and wet areas, Nigricans likes wet soils. Looks best in acid soil. Very vertical growth, with upright branches and foliage. Dark canes when exposed.

Chusquea sp. ‘Chiconquiaco’ R 10′ 0.50″ 14F 3-5
$125 $75
Named after a town in Mexico near the cloud forest where it was collected from. This bamboo has small leaves and thin canes that have a vining and cascading habit.

Chusquea sulcata C 15′ 1.00″ 28F 3-5
$60 $35
$120 $65
Does best in climates with summer temperatures less than 100 degrees and winter temperatures above 30 degrees. Prefers cooler night temperatures. Grows to 10′ tall and 1″ in diameter. Although needing a more temperate climate, this bamboo is an exquisite tropical looking bamboo. It has smoky green canes with long, hairy, feathery foliage that shimmers in the sun, giving it an especially graceful appearance. Also a great indoor plant.

Chusquea uliginosa C 30′ 1.50″ 10F 3-5
Similar to C. valdiviensis with small leaves, graceful lines. Excellent next to ponds. Will climb on trees without harming them, creating the look of a cascading waterfall.

Chusquea valdiviensis C 20′ 1.50″ 10F 3-5
A large scale climber, it will require room to grow and support. Vining canes will reach up to 80′, creating great curtains of foliage. A very hardy plant, handling temperatures from 10 to 100 degrees. This is the largest of a very few bamboos that will grow new culms from the nodes of existing canes as well as from the root.