West County Oasis Bamboo Garden



Height Cane
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Borinda albocerea C 20′ 1.00″ 0F 2-4
$70 $60
Similar to Borinda boliana, but grows in a tighter clump with larger blue-green foliage. The powdery blue-green canes are very straight with a slight arch at the top.

Borinda angustissima C 10′ 0.40″ 14F 2-3
Food for the Giant Panda and native to Sichuan, this is a precious species. This is a tight clumper with small, delicate leaves for a soft look. New canes come up purplish and have a white powdery coating. Also used for weaving crafts.

Borinda boliana C 20′ 0.80″ 10F 3-5
$70 $65
Borinda boliana is named for Gerald Bol, a dear friend and teacher to West County’s owner, Jesus Mora. This is an open clumper, with straight, upright, blue-green culms about 6-9″ apart. It grows 16′ tall in the Bay Area. The foliage is composed of dense, delicate, light green leaves which create a lovely vertical wall of light green canes decorated with a lacy curtain of tiny leaves. This is a great visual screen and sound barrier.

Borinda fungosa “Chocolate Bamboo” C 14′ 0.60″ 10F 3-4
Formerly known as Fargesia fungosa, the Chocolate Bamboo is so named because of the delicious chocolate color the canes have when exposed to sun. This is a weeping bamboo that makes a handsome center piece or screen. It has light green small foliage, 1/2″ wide and 3 to 5″ long in clusters.

Borinda macclureana C 15′ 1.00″ 15F 3
$45 $35
Dark purple stems on this lovely plant make it an excellent specimen. Resistant to bamboo mites.